Novels by Marcel M du Plessis

Longer pieces of fiction or non-fiction. Writing novels is my true passion. There is nothing like seeing characters and plots develop in long-form writing. It’s hard, but it’s rewarding.

The Bright Report

The Bright Report is a collection of 6 themed short stories (with some sneaky added extras). If you liked the odd humour of my short story Jargon, there might be something in here for you.

The Bright Report is the oldest and most respected fictional, journalistic journal you’ve never heard of. In the tradition of serial works such as The Pickwick Papers back in the Victorian times, the Bright Report will be released in several instalments. Each story is ‘written’ by an intrepid journalist who has been sent out by the editor, Mr. Lazen F. Balding Jr. III. They are tasked with uncovering unusual human stories across the globe. Often, the journalists have to come to terms with their own quirks and egos before they can get to the heart of the story.

Volume 1

The first instalment contains the following stories:

  • Kitjovistinope – a strange word that took the art world by storm
  • The Chiprock Recluse – the mysterious author of “The Aquatic Acquaintance” is revealed
  • The Derby – taking on the Giant Snail Race Derby
  • The People of the Cloud – exploring the remote islands of the Quadratic Sea
  • Reviewing the Lethe Series D – the economy car of the future, or is it?
  • A Board Game Story – playing a literary board game with too few players

Volume 1 is available now in paperback and eBook format. Please click the link below to find out more. Also, a review is always appreciated.

Volume 2

Coming soon…

Completed Projects


Proposed Cover for The Silent Symphony

My literary novel is still in query limbo. I have worked on it for over five years and is pretty much finished.


Cassius Wortham leaves all he knows behind to make it as a writer in the City, a nameless, walled metropolis at the crossroads of the world. But things are not as they seem. His roommate might have mob connections, his artist friend has addiction issues, and the waitress at the poetry club has political aspirations. Not to mention the invisible spirit of history that follows them around waiting to chronicle a looming catastrophe.

As overseas turmoil brings tides of refugees to the walls of the City. Ambitious leaders play at social engineering. The loudest voices are drowned in the growing silence. Only Cas, his friends and their ghostly tag-along hold the key to the future, for in the end the silent will decide the fate of the City. Listen…and you too may hear the instruments of the Silent Symphony.

Current Projects

A writer is only a writer if she/he keeps writing. While I’m waiting for my completed projects to be noticed by the right people, I am hard at work on the following projects:

  • The Bright Report Volumes 2 & 3
  • A Fantasy Epic

More details on these projects as they near completion.

Top Image: Nymphs finding the head of Orpheus, by John William Waterhouse (1900)