Happy Birthday Bright Report!

Back in 2021, I took the plunge and published my first collection of short stories, The Bright Report. It was short, silly, and designed to make people laugh. Moreover, it helped my understand what it took to edit, format, and market my very own book.

This month, the little yellow book celebrates its second anniversary!

Since it first released, I grew the series with two more volumes and a free, introductory story. Volumes 4 and 5 are currently in production. They will probably appear once I’ve completed the Balar series. Be sure to subscribe so you never miss a progress update.

The Crazy World of the Bright Report

The Bright Report features a wide range of subjects brought to you by an eclectic group of journalists. Covering everything from literature to sport, the intrepid team strives to find the human in the absurd (this is their mission statement, in fact).

What follows is a rundown of the stories in each published volume.

The first volume of the Bright Report contains the following stories:

  • Art: Kitjovistinope, by Pash Tensing
  • Literature: The Chiprock Recluse, by Jacques Bord
  • Sport: The Snail Derby, by Charline Ratanang
  • Travel: The People of the Cloud I, by Carmichael Carmichael
  • Motoring: The Lethe Series D, by Jameson Jefferson Jones
  • Entertainment: A Board Game Story, by Nigel Meeple

The second volume of the Bright Report contains the following stories:

  • Music: Murky Dishwater, by Arden Stanswabble
  • Cuisine: Double Gloucester, by Fan Dumont
  • Paranormal: Cryptid Squatter’s Rights, by E.R. Geist
  • Travel: People of the Cloud II, by Carmichael Carmichael
  • Antiques: The Fitzgerald Feather I, by Bruno Brash

The third volume of the Bright Report contains the following stories:

  • Crime: A Twist of Lime, by Frank Safely
  • Art: Unremembered Songs, by Pash Tensing
  • Education: Unoriginal Sin, by Emma Rose Armitage
  • Sport: Competitive Housekeeping, by Charline Ratanang
  • Technology: The Mourning Fridge, by Calliper Print
  • Travel: Cloud Islands III, by Carmichael Carmichael
  • Antiques: Fitzgerald Feather II, by Bruno Brash

There are many more stories to come in future. Note that parts of these volumes can be previewed on Amazon. Be sure to let me know if you have any particular favourite.

A Free Story

If the titles of these stories are not enough to entice you, allow me to point you to a FREE introductory story, Awkward Phrasing. This acts as an introduction to the wider Bright Report universe.

See the free PDF below!

The Horizon

As I mentioned above, there is much more Bright Report on the way. Please let me know what you think about this crazy little world.

Your thoughts...