Book Launch – The Bright Report Volume 1

The Bright Report Volume 1 cover

It’s here! It’s finally here! My first published book. Ladies and gentlepeople, allow me to introduce: The Bright Report. A collection of humorous and sometimes fantastical stories each covering a different area of the human experience.

Behold. The cover. I rather like it, but that’s just me. Please let me know what you think in the comments below.

What is the Bright Report?

The Bright Report is the oldest and most respected fictional, journalistic journal you’ve never heard of. Mr Lazen F. Balding Jr. III sends his intrepid reporters off to find the strangest and rarest human stories from across the globe. In this first volume of the Report’s favorites, we discover:

  • The truth behind the new word that took the art world by storm – what does it even mean?
  • An unusual interview with the reclusive author of the sensation that is “The Aquatic Acquaintance”
  • Our sports reporter takes on the Monstrous Patagonian Snail Derby
  • We review the forgettable Lethe D Series and discover ourselves
  • Mr Carmichael tracks down the elusive tribe of Cloud People, and finally
  • We dive into the world of cutting edge board gaming.

There are some added extras and sneaky secrets hidden through out the book. These will come into play as the series progresses.

Is There More?

Yes. I am planning several volumes of the Bright Report. I have Volume 2 & 3 mostly planned out and I am starting to write the stories. Each will contain six stories, give or take (depending on the length of the stories).

There is a ‘meta plot’ taking place in the background. I hope to build this towards something in the long-run. Ideally, I would like to complete five volumes – at least. It all depends on popularity and reception, of course.

Your feedback means everything to me. The point is to create enjoyable stories, so please let me know what you do/don’t like in each volume. This will help me make every installment slightly better.

I will announce the upcoming volumes as they near completion.

That’s Nice, But Where Can I Get It?

The paperback version of the Bright Report is available right now! The link below should get you to the right place, but if something goes wrong, click here.

The eBook/Kindle version of the Bright Report will be available from 9 February 2021. The link below should get you to the right place. And, yes, the book is available through Kindle Unlimited.

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