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Worldbuilding and Playing Games

Whether you are writing a fantasy epic or creating your own RPG campaign setting, Worldbuilding is an important aspect. The adventures and derring-does need to happen somewhere, right? I have recently delved into this aspect of writing for both my D&D adventures and for the next novel I am planning.

The process can be one of the most fun parts of writing a story. Drawing maps, creating cultures, forging histories – these things can ignite the imagination. Personally, this process of ‘discovering’ the fictional world helps me write the story that will take place there.

For example: that wobbly bit of coastline I drew there seems like the perfect place for a hidden pirate cove. Hmm… Pirates… They are awfully close to this settlement here – perfect for conflict. Hmm… What if they kidnap a royal from this castle here and…

And so forth.

Worldbuilding with World Anvil

I recently discovered World Anvil, an amazing tool for worldbuilders. It keeps things organised and helps you generate a wiki for your world. They have templates that help you create towns, characters, items, and so much more.

I found these rather useful as it gives you prompts for things you never knew you needed to know. It also has a fantastic map labeling feature that allows you to place pins on your scribblings or track the progress of your RPG party.

Check it out for free!

While I am currently using it to build the lore of my Dungeons and Dragons campaigns, I will use it for my future fantasy novel (watch this space).

Speaking of my campaigns…

My Campaign Setting

Having been obsessed with World Anvil, I created a page for my RPG world, Chardovia. There is still some ways to go before it is complete, but I’m running a successful campaign off of it.

It’s taking shape so well, in fact, that I’m thinking of making worldbuilding a feature of this blog. If you are so inclined, why not give my campaign setting a try? If you do – let me know how it goes.

I’m thinking of adding Patreon support to the whole thing – that way I can let other DMs in on the secrets of the world.

Chardovia Map, by Marcel M du Plessis
The Lands of Chardovia

What do you think?

Have you tried your hand at worldbuilding?

Have stories sprung out of the worldbuilding process? If so, what?

Have you tried World Anvil?

What do you think my campaign setting needs?

Please share below. I’d love to hear from you.

Top Image: Miranda – the Tempest, by John William Waterhouse Jr. [Public Domain]

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