Introducing the Piece Bringers

Introducing my D&D home game party. We’ve been playing for over a year now and we’ve recently decided to stream our games. So far, so good. And, yes, they are called the Piece Bringers with an “I-E”, not an “E-A” – read on to find out why.

The Heroes

Ten heroes count themselves as members of the Piece Bringers – a name that will someday (with luck) be etched into the annals of history. Alright, ten is a big number, but not everyone can make every session. We average about six players a session (not counting me, the Dungeon Master).

The Adventurers (in alphabetical order) are as follows:

Ayana, the Wood elf Rogue

(Played by Lauren)

This Arcane Trickster’s past is shrouded in mystery. She left her assassin sisters behind to pursue her call to adventure. Ayana knows that she is meant for greater things – things beyond the dark business of assassination and the low expectations of an orphan. She dreams of lakes and swords for some reason. For now, she’s content to delve into dangerous dungeons and find a shinny trinket or two.

Beth, the Wood Elf Druid

(Played by Laura)

The deputy mistress of the Druid School has a problem. For all her knowledge and experience, she doesn’t know what happened to Master Durlan and all the pupils of the school. All she knows is that they set off to “understand the true nature of magic” – whatever that means. But no matter where she goes, she always seems to just miss her lost master. Now, with the help of the Bringers, she hopes to find answers. If only she could find her voice.

Domania, the Tiefling Warlock & Edgelord

(Played by Divan)

Every RPG has an Edgelord. Meet Domania. She has the Hand of Vecna – yes, already. Domania has left the group to “research” the artifact and all it can do. She will be back soon.

Hafster, the Dragonborn Ranger

(Played by Jean)

You know the Piece Bringers are in town when there’s a pillar of smoke on the horizon. It’s also safe to assume that the red dragonborn that travels with the group is the one who started it. Initially from outcast tribe of dragonborn, Hafster has learnt much of the world since leaving home. For instance, he knows that his people were artificially created to fight in a forgotten war. Now he desires a way to become a true dragon.

Layla, the Eladrin Sorceress

(Played by Mika)

Layla hopes vanquish the evil of this world. With a strong sense of good, this elven sorceress has left the group to find the children that have gone missing from all over Chardovia. She will soon return.

Lurgi, the Gnome-ORc Bard-Barbarian

(Played by Donné)

Lilli Nackle Stumbleduck, the Gnome, and Urg, the Orc, were once two people with hopes and dreams. Lilli wanted the world to follow her. Urg wanted to smash things and yell at the top of his lungs. They say opposites attract and after a (not so accidental) mishap with a melding machine, she and he became they. Now, Lurgi the blue half orc bard barbarian (yes) tries to find a place in the world. Recruiting all manner of outcast and critter along the way, of course.

Namelia, the Human Ranger

(Played by Nicole)

Namelia is of royal blood – she doesn’t want anyone knowing or acknowledging this. Ruling, castles, royal marriages – these are things that does not interest her. She’d rather be in the wild with her trusty bow and her stag companion, Bukkie (who sounds like Korg, but that’s another story). Unfortunately, her journey with the Piece Bringers have been put on hold…this is what happens when you willingly let a Mind Flayer tadpole crawl into your brain.

Nipsy, the Gnome Cleric of Pelor

(Played by Willem)

Nipsy takes his patron deity’s mission very seriously. He has been blessed with a companion, Max, who acts as a kind of spirit guide/holy symbol/spiritual weapon. Nipsy is the one who keeps the party alive through life-threatening situations. He is likely the one who got them into the life-threatening situations in the first place, but who is keeping track? The brave gnome is there to uncover mysteries and live up to his destiny.

Valcorlet, the Human Fighter

(Played by Chris)

The newest member of the Piece Bringers claims to be a member of the Guild of Heroes in search of fame and fortune. Time will tell what his true motivations are. For now, he is content to cut down villains and monsters with his dual swords and throwing axes.

Watchu, the Wood Elf Rogue

(Played by Jandré)

Hailing from a port town baring his family name, Watchu is in it for the money. It’s nothing personal. His father runs a prominent crime family, so you know, the pressure is on to live up to that legacy. When he’s not running his potions shop (called “Elixir, I hardly know her!“), he’s disabling traps and sneak attacking the enemies of the Piece Bringers.

The Origins

Their first quest brought them together from all over Chardovia. None of them knew each other, but they all had the same quest: find the treasure in the Hidden Temple in the Briar Wood Forest. They each had their reasons.

Pathfinder Kingmaker Jabberwock Art (Image found on

I will chronicle the origin quests of the group later – so please remember to subscribe or follow me @CalliopeWriter to watch this space.

As for the name… Well, where the Piece Bringers go … it isn’t long before something is on fire. They mean well, they really do. They hope to bring peace to the realm and become legendary heroes – it’s just that what every they are trying to fix, usually ends up in pieces.

The World

The adventures take place in the homebrew world of Chardovia. This world is comparable to the default world of the Forgotten Realms – especially when we were starting out. There was a Waterdeep and a Neverwinter, for example, but these cities have since been altered.

Greater Chardovia, by Marcel M du Plessis, 2018 (via Wonderdraft)

The main features of the world are:

  • The Calgori Empire rule the south-east, the southern islands, the near east (i.e. there is more map than shown above).
  • The Empire enforce the worship of a single god, Pelor – they have an Inquisition to persuade doubters.
  • Arcane training and knowledge is controlled and sequestered by the Arcanium Sanitorium – the premier and mysterious university of the magical arts. If you practice arcane magic (as opposed to divine magic), you’ve at least completed a term here (unless you’re a druid).
  • Each mountain range is home to a Dwarven City ruled by several (sometimes intermarried) royal families.
  • Barbarians and Orcs rule the wild north.
  • The west coast is dotted with several Merchant City-States that used to trade over-land with the eastern civilizations. However, the Imperial expansion has forced them to strike out in search of new lands across the Iron Sea.
  • The past is mythical and Arthurian with tales of a Great Invasion of demon and dragon kind that altered the face of the planet 800 years before.
  • There are several Guilds and Factions that operate outside of Imperial borders. These include: the Guild of Heroes (motley heroes and mercenaries, you know the sort), the Serpent’s Coil (assassins), the Rovers (guardians of nature), and others still to be uncovered.
  • The Pantheon is mostly like that of the Forgotten Realms with some interesting additions. The gods are active in the Material Plane, manifesting as omens or other expressions of destiny.
  • The world is full of Secrets – not everything is exactly as it seems. History and the truth are not always the same thing.

There is more too it than that, but this is basically what the players know (give or take backstory details and secrets here and there). The rest is there for them to discover. Trust me, there are many secrets and reasons behind the craziest things – after all, this is what I love about fantasy worlds.

I hope to give the players the sense of a deep world that has living, breathing people in it. Most of all, I hope to make them care. Not always easy with a group who can see “Murder Hobo” on a clear day.

The Quest

At some point in their journey, the party found themselves in an audience with the gods. The Goddesses of Trade and the Moon – respectively – and the Gods of Dreams and Justice – respectively – to be precise. They tasked the group with Twelve Great Toils. They are to travel the world (and beyond) to complete these (vague) tasks. Along the way they will receive powerful artifacts that will help them save the world from a coming cataclysm.

The Toils are:

  1. Slay the Imperishable Leonid, so he may plague no longer the travelers of the crest
  2. Pluck the fruits of Tumtum tree and slay the Serpent of Madness
  3. Slay the Beast of the Bog, so that its nine heads rest
  4. Capture the Wild Mother’s paragon so it may no longer wallow in sadness
  5. Subdue the Hog of Malgwynith, so he may not chip away the peace
  6. Appease the Queens of Darkness Below, let them not wake the Sleeper
  7. Steal the Mares of Arborea, may they not rip piece from piece
  8. Comprehend the Maze Dweller, for it is a great secret keeper
  9. End the Eater of Souls, he has betrayed his brothers
  10. Free the North People, for green and white may hold against red and gold
  11. Journey into the Place of Memory, a palace of the souls of others
  12. Slay the last Great Wyrm, and their deeds will forever be told

They have already completed toils 2 and 6, and they are (at the time of the first stream) on their way to complete 9. They aren’t quite sure what each of the lines mean, but all will be revealed in time.

Time to Roll!

We play every Sunday at 10 a.m. GMT+2 on Twitch and I post the recorded sessions here. We are still figuring out the kinks as we go.

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