Characters in The Curse of Balar

As promised at the end of my reading of one of the stories in The Curse of Balar, here is a list of characters that appear in the book. Yes, there are far too many and not all of them are important, but – to me – they represent specific aspects of the town.

Here they are presented in alphabetical order.

List of Characters

Bancroft, Odette – Henry Randal’s carer

Brook, Imogen – Governess to the Saint children

Caldwell, Morgane – Jimmy’s wife, nee Du Pont

Campbell, Terrance – Nikolai’s manservant

Caster, Stefan – Servant in the Kern House

Chantrelle, Steven – Renowned Chemist

Cosma, Michael – Station Master

Dalca, Irini – Matriarch of the Vanara

Dunwick, Igor – His Holiness, the Bishop of Balar Valley

Dunwick, Silvanus – Businessman and Owner of the Balar Vineyard

Dunwick, Violeta – Silvanus’s wife

Ginsburg, Matilda – Lady Delilah’s lady in waiting

Hartman, Fredrick – Professor of Linguistics

Hayze, Lambert – Priest, agent of the Diocese of Inquiry

Jones, “Scratch” Patience – A Graverobber

Kern, Balthazar – Head of the Kern family

Kern, Nikolai – Spare, aspiring businessman

Kern, Vivienne – Balthazar’s wife

Kern, Wilhelm – Heir to the family fortune

Kern, Zinetta – Wilhelm’s wife, nee Dunwick

Ladinas, Grigore – Champion of the Vanara

Lazarov, Florin – Cordwainer

Lazarova, Meredith – Seamstress, Florin’s wife

Luna, Edwin – The Last Painter in Balar

Luthon, Delilah – Ignacio’s wife, Princess of Sacali

Luthon, Duncan – Ignacio’s brother, on the Town Council

Luthon, Ignacio – Prince of Sacali

Luthon, Mircea – Daughter of Ignacio and Delilah, Abroad

Malliscar – The Patron

Maricara, Gheata – Speaker of the Cult of Wax, former governess

Mercer, “Cutter” Alfred – Former Highwayman turned Graverobber

Mitchell, Arthur – Silvanus’s manservant

Monarch of Wax, The – Mysterious Leader of the Cult of Wax

Moreau, Soren – Author

Murgoci, Raluca – The Mystic of Balar

Petri, Radu – Servant in the Kern House

Petrova, Sabina – A Rich Widow

Randal, Henry – Retired Composer and Virtuoso Pianist

Rice, Edgar – Stable Hand in the Kern House

Rice, Iris – Kitchen Maid in the Kern House

Richmond, “Salty” Walter – Whaler turned Highwayman

Royce, “The Jackal” Elliot – Crime Lord and Smuggler

Sahl, Darras – Merchant

Saint, Adrian – Lawyer, father of Alexandru and Ana-Maria

Saint, Alexandru – Adrian’s eldest son

Saint, Ana-Maria – Adrian’s last surviving daughter

Sarafin, Dorothea – Lady Petrova’s Companion

Shaw, Morton – Scientist

Todorov, Mathéo – Pierre’s twin

Todorov, Maximilian – Mayor of Balar

Todorov, Pierre – Mathéo’s twin

Todorova, Maeve – Mayor’s wife, nee Luthon, sister of Ignacio

Verde, Alexander – A Coach Driver

Verlander, Lenora – A Mysterious Stranger, A.K.A Midnight

Wright, Madeline – Keeper of the Goose and the Serpent Inn

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These are the characters that appear or (in the case of House Luthon) are mentioned in the first installment of the Balar series. Not all of them survive to the end, but let us not say any more in case of spoilers.

Some readers enjoyed the extra info I added on at the end of the reading. Please let me know if you would like more of that kind of content. There is a lot hidden in the Curse of Balar – I worry that things might be too well hidden…

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