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It’s finally here – the introduction to the crazy world of the Bright Report! It only took several months and completely starting from scratch*, but it is finally here. Join me for an understated book launch for an understated little book!

*Turns out that having one backup is not enough.

What is Awkward Phrasing?

Awkward Phrasing is a tiny introduction to the world of the Bright Report. While I’ve had (very) modest success with the main volumes of the Bright Report, most readers are reluctant to dive into the writing of an unknown name.

This is the lowest price I can make something on Amazon, so, hopefully, this is something you are willing to take a chance on.

What are you getting? Awkward Phrasing contains a brand new short story where an aspiring journalist, Calliper Print, finds the offices of the Bright Report. This not only introduces some of the quirky journalists, but also the uncanny style of this universe. There are mysteries and magic – things that will have a solution down the road, I promise you.

What’s Next?

I’m busy rewriting the stories for Bright Report Volumes 3, 4, and 5 – from scratch. Yeah, I had the worst November of my life. Let’s just say that I’m glad to see the back of 2021 – I’m sure you are too.

I’m writing these stories concurrently as I am building towards some big things. Firstly, I’m working towards a hardcover collection. This will contain all the stories up to Volume 5 (and maybe some illustrations – I’m still working on that). This will be hardcover only.

Secondly, I’m working on an ‘end point’ for all of these stories – a culmination of everything that occurs in the anthology. This project currently has the working title “Bright Report the Movie”. Yes, that means that there is a meta story building behind the scenes here.

Over to You

This story is yours now. I hope you give it a chance – if not for my sake, then for the characters’. If you’ve read any of the other Bright Report Volumes, I would really appreciate an honest rating on Goodreads or Amazon. This is the only way I can get traction. Well, that and perhaps a recommendation to a friend.

Thank you for being part of this tiny book launch for a tiny book.

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