The Curse of Balar

The Curse of Balar

Not all is well in Balar.

Thirteen horror short stories about a cursed town where everyone has a secret...

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About the Book

Beasts stalk the woods, the dead rise from their graves, and not all is as it seems. Everyone carries a secret — a secret that can either be a blessing or a curse.

Welcome to Balar, a secluded town in the Carpathian Mountains. With the turn of the Twentieth Century looming, the townsfolk cling onto old traditions and superstitions while the world around them steadily marches into a new age. But all is not well in this backwater, for paranormal killers stalk the streets, strange creatures wonder the woods, and a mysterious resident has moved into the ruined castle on the hill.

Now, strangers arrive in town in search of lost treasure, destiny, and blood. Will they find what they seek or will they — like many before them — succumb to the Curse of Balar.

Thirteen stories of supernatural horror await the bravest readers in this, the first of a series of stories exploring the many secrets of the cursed town of Balar.

Series: Balar
Genre: Horror
Format: eBook, Paperback, Hardcover
Length: 343
ISBN: 9798850448127
List Price: 13.49
eBook Price: 4.59
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About the Author
Marcel M du Plessis

Marcel du Plessis has stories in his veins. He has been writing since math class 2006 and has been bad at counting ever since. Characters, plots, metaphors, and secrets are the things he is best at. He has written about language, poetry, prose and more. Taught English to non-English speakers. Did a thing on Social Media Marketing. Best of all, he writes stories.

The Silent Symphony took up more than six years of his life. It has been written, re-written, and changed several times. It incorporates Marcel’s love for secrets, complex characters, political machinations, and Greek Mythology.

Marcel likes to make you laugh almost as much as he likes to make you cry. He sincerely hopes that this story made you feel something. If one did, he would like to know. Mention him on Twitter (@CalliopeWriter) or ask him a question on Goodreads.

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