Literary Titan Gold Book Award

My horror book, The Curse of Balar, has recently been honoured with a book award. This is the first time any of my work has received such recognition and I am honestly at a loss for words.

Balar felt different from the moment I started the first short story. Not good different – just different. I could feel the atmosphere, the fog in the air, the soil under my finger nails. That kind of different. It seems as though some readers responded to this.

I’m still not entirely sure what to make of an award. I am massively grateful that the book received such recognition – the stories deserve it more than I do. It helps to think about it like that.

Now it is all about doing better with the next project. I am doing this for the stories more than anything else.

What Comes Next

I am well on my way with the next installment of the Balar series (announcement coming sooner than you think). I cannot wait to share what happens to the town and the characters with you, the reader. I’ve worked it all out to the end and I feel like I am onto something special. There are answers to all the questions, I promise you.

While I originally planned to write three short story collections and finish with a fourth and final novel, the story has grown a bit. I would hate to make the ending feel rushed, as such I have rearraigned things slightly.

New Plan: Three short story collections (as originally planned) – Curse, Doom, and Evil – followed by three novels. In other words, the series will end in a trilogy of novels.

This is the only way I can do justice to the main characters and plot arcs. I hope that – once everything is released – it will all make sense.

An Interview and Review

Beside the Literary Titan award, the Curse of Balar received a review (which you can read here) and I had a chance to answer some interview questions (which you can read here). I am massively grateful for the opportunity!

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