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Patreon Launch

And so the Patreon Campaign begins…

I have finally launched my Patreon page for Calliope’s Prisoner! I love creating and I love teaching people how to create. As a writer, I have a vested interest in getting people to pick up books, but as a teacher, I love helping people create those books in the first place.

With the help of Patreon, you can help me do what I love.

What is Patreon?

For creators, like me, it is a way of getting paid for the things I do. In my case, I write short stories, give writing advice, analyse poetry, and navigate the tricky world of punctuation. There is much more to come – trust me.

For readers, like you, it means that you have a chance to get access to exclusive content (and more). You do this by becoming a patron from a little as $1 per month. So, if you like what I am doing, please consider it.

My Goals

Patreon asks each creator to set goals. These are things you hope to achieve when hitting certain earnings/follower targets. My goals are pretty simple:

$200 – The office chair project

I am a half-giant…like lead-you-to-King’s-Cross-size, half-giant. This means that most chairs kill my back. I need a chair to do my writing (of novels and advice). So, I need to do enough of the writing to earn a chair. It is an awful paradox – please help.

$1000 – Dispel the Myth of the Starving Artist

Free the starving artist! Dispel the myth, help him write full time. Help him survive the long, hungry pauses between freelance contracts.

Vox Populi Vox Dei

Now, I throw it back to you: what do you think? What do you think of becoming a patron of my work – are there things you like or things you wish I’d do? Please let me know.

Also, are you a creator? Tempted to try this out for yourself? Click here!

Become a Patron!

Top Image: The Muses, Urania and Calliope, by Simon Vouet (1590 – 1649) [Public Domain]

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