What I’m Working On – 2021

Ulysses and the Sirens (1891) - John William Waterhouse

Now that my big project – The Silent Symphony – is out there, it’s time to jump into my next big project (or two). A ‘sense of accomplishment‘ doesn’t seem to be something I get. With three projects (the last of which was a 500 page all-out effort) done, all I feel is the crushing sadness closing back in like the rising tide.

There’s only one way to fight this feeling: work. It’s time to get busy and keep writing.

Here’s what I’m planning. Please share your thoughts below.

Sci-Fi Novel

I wrote an outline for a science fiction story not too long ago. Right now, this idea ignites a fire in me. There might be something special here – we’ll see if this lasts the drafts.

I’ve always loved sci-fi, but not for the lasers, spaceships, and explosions. I’m attracted to the exploration of big concepts and the limits of humanity. Now, I’d love to build a story upon a strong real-science foundation like (the genius) Andy Weir, but this may be a little beyond me. My focus (as my work may attest) is on people (and maybe a sprinkle of politics).

This novel will be character-focused. There will be sci-fi elements – don’t you worry about that.

More info on this as the project takes shape.

Working Title: Empty Skies

Horror Novel

Yes, I know. I’m multi-genre or – as they say in the publishing world – ‘without an audience’. It may be difficult for me to find an audience, my hope is that my books will. I’m a fan of all fiction, and one of my goals is to be published in as many genres as possible. It worked for Isaac Asimov and H.G. Wells.

Anyway, with this project I want to take on the ‘haunted house’ trope and – hopefully – bring something fresh to the table.

I’m saving this idea for this year’s NaNoWriMo, as I feel that it would fit into the 50,000 word bracket. We’ll see if this is the case after subsequent drafts. Perhaps you’ll join me this November – let me know in the comments.

Working Title: The Reverie Experiment

More Bright Report

There will be many more Bright Reports, of course. I cannot abide an unfinished project. Trust me, there are many unfinished aspects to the Bright Report universe. As some of you have suspected, there is a meta-narrative developing. I hope to build up to something epic – let’s see how things go.

The first thing you’re likely get is Awkward Phrasing, the free introduction to the Bright Report. It is mostly finished – I just placed it on the backburner until Symphony was off my chest. Be sure to subscribe to the blog or follow me @CalliopeWriter on Twitter – these are the places I tend to announce things first.

I am working on Volume 3 & 4 at the same time. So, I may take slightly longer this time as Volume 2 felt a little rushed. Not that the finished product is rushed, just that I felt the pressure. As I said, I need the pressure, but there is such a thing as too much.

The details of these volumes will be made public once they are closer to finished. So far, you can expect the conclusion of Carmichael Carmichael’s island adventure and find out what’s up with the antique quill.

Behold, My Stuff!

Time to plug my work. Marketing seems to be the hardest aspect of writing life. Give me a plot to untangle, characters to flesh out, or scenes to describe. But, don’t make me sell myself.

But, alas, one must. Here is my stuff:

Please click the links and have a look. Each book as a “Look Inside” function available, meaning that you can read a chapter or two without committing.

Also, if you love your eBooks, consider Kindle Unlimited. For the price of a book (or less) you gain access to millions of titles and other exclusive bonuses. Clicking the affiliate link will help me out (we’re talking cents here), but not only that, you can check out my work for free!

Over to You

Now, what do you think? Have you picked up any of my titles? Do any of the upcoming projects interest you?

Please let me know in the comments below.

Top Image: Ulysses and the Sirens (1891) – John William Waterhouse

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  1. Hmm – can the sci-fi and the horror creatively combine? In this time of pandemic horror and collapse of the ideas of liberation, fiction that exposes the bleakness of the moment, yet also offer glimpses of hope for new kin-making (with human and other species, real or imagined), seem to draw me in. But whatever springs from your keyboard, I will eagerly read. Keep on.

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