The Cast of the Silent Symphony

Silent Symphony by Marcel M du Plessis

My novel, The Silent Symphony, has been out for nearly a month now! These are exciting times indeed. Despite this, many are reluctant to jump into an unknown (new) writer’s world. The best I can do is show you as much of it as I can.

For me, characters are the story. You can world-build and plot all you want, but without distinct characters who grow, achieve, or fail, then your writing is dead.

This is something I tried really hard to avoid in the Symphony. From the trickle of feedback I’m getting, the cast of the Silent Symphony haven’t let me down.

Meet the Players

There are many characters in the novel. So, here is the dramatis personae that newcomers and current-readers may find useful.

I’ve kept this as spoiler free as possible. As I explained in the FAQ, nearly all of the characters have a mythological allusion. While it’s tempting to spill all the beans now and reveal who is who, this may be too much of a spoiler for some. I will do a spoiler-cast at some point – so watch this space.


  • Cassius “Cas” Wortham, The Scribe
    • Aspiring journalist.
    • Distinguishing feature: Coal-black hair
  • Aylena Gusin, The Poet
    • Waitress at the Lilac Tree
  • Katrina “Kat” Howlett, The Artist
    • Aspiring artist.
  • Mireille Vitalis, The Refugee
    • Someone from far away.
  • Warrick Catesby, The Wild Child
    • Rich uncle, troublemaker
    • Distinguishing feature: scarecrow-like, straw hair
  • The Witness, Narrator
    • A spirit of history who became distracted by the above.

The Supporting Cast

Presented in a non-spoilery, alphabetic fashion.

  • Albert Moller
    • Dentist and parttime artist
  • Alfred Pallas
    • Novice in the church of Pallas
  • Chandler Bellanger
    • [Spoiler]
  • Dione Millerson
    • Hospital Intern
  • Elyria Bainhurst
    • Hospital Intern, Typing floor chief
  • Eva
    • Someone from far-away
  • Father Maxim
    • Priest of Pallas
  • Franklin Grafo
    • Calligrapher
  • Gavin “Gav” Tanner
    • Johnson’s friend
  • Gideon Castellanos
    • Governor Elect
  • Glenn Greywell
    • Journalist for the Chronicle
  • Gwen Burrow
    • Amateur artist
  • Hori Matita
    • Editor-in-Chief, the Chronicle
  • Jakuta
    • Leader of the Owls
  • Jasper Rookwood
    • Retired professor
  • Kemba Koroma
    • Member of the Owls, Warrick’s friend
  • Kesho Koroma
    • Young reader, Kemba’s brother
  • Kieta
    • Head of Operations, the Owls
  • Lord Catesby
    • Lord of the Catesby Estate, Warrick’s uncle
  • Lotus Locke
    • Publican of the Lilac Tree
  • Maria Vitalis
    • Refugee, Mireille’s mother
  • Marvin Tenjin
    • Zaqar archivist
  • Maxine Wakeson
    • Hospital Intern
  • Patricio Serna
    • Refugee, asthma sufferer
  • Sister Bengin
    • Sister of the Order of Mentis
  • Thipa
    • Jakuta’s right hand, Owl
  • Tirone Ibrahim
    • Artist and performer
  • Uri Johnson
    • [Spoiler]

Get the Novel!

Now that you had a taste of the characters in The Silent Symphony. What do you think? Would you pick it up? Or are you currently reading it? Does this help? Please let me know in the comments below.

The eBook version of the novel is currently on sale! Hurry, this deal won’t last long.

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