Happy World Book Day!

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Happy World Book Day, my fellow bookworms! Books are life! Today is the day to curl up with an old favorite, crack open a fresh one, or donate your well-loved editions to a library or charity. Today is the day when we can force non-believers into the hallowed cathedrals of literature. Amen.

Whatever you do, know that it is a day for books and stories. Take some time in your busy schedule to take something off the shelf or to share a tale with a loved one. There are few greater things that sharing a book with friends and family – I’m serious. Those who read aloud know what I am talking about.

Books and More Books

What are you reading today? Is it an old favorite or something new and exciting? What kind of stories do you hope to fill your year with?

Please let me know in the comments below.

As for me, I’ve started on Rebecca, the classic gothic ghost story by Daphne du Maurier. First time reading it and I am liking it so far. This is part of my effort to get to know the genre for some of my WIPs – more on this very soon.

I have also found that in the last few months I have been returning to books I previously enjoyed. It is unusual for me to reread thing, but now there is a strange comfort in it. Not that I am only reading them for fun – I cannot help but to discern their inner workings as I go.

Are there books you keep going back to? Why do you think that is? Please let me know.

My Books

It is only fair to use this opportunity to shamelessly plug my own work! Apologies, I am bad at it. Part of the problem is that I think forcing anyone to read something is doomed to make that person hate the story. That might be why we have such unfavorable memories about prescribed high school books.

Let’s us not digress.

If you’re looking for something to read, allow me to suggest my modest collection of scribblings!

If you are looking for an anthology series of short stories (with a comedic slant), look no further than the Bright Report! There are three volumes worth of stories with more on the way. The best place to start is with the FREE introductory story, Awkward Phrasing. This is meant to present the characters and the setting. A rating or review would help me greatly.

If you are looking for something heftier and – dare I say – deeper, I would suggest The Silent Symphony. This is a novel with half my blood and soul in it. It is a dystopian novel about trying to find a voice in a place where art is illegal. But, don’t take my word for it, this is what one reviewer wrote:

A philosophical, surreal, and irresistible dive into a Nameless City, The Silent Symphony by Marcel M du Plessis is a mind-expanding narrative too weird to be ignored and too wise to be untrue. A series of cryptic characters choose “fatal acts of desperation” and every shrugging misstep is shadowed by the pervading sense that no one and nothing is what it seems, unraveling itself with Kafkaesque levels of psychological symbolism. Cas, Warrick, and Kat form the novel’s magnetic core of artists, dreamers, writers, and wild ones, taking readers on a cerebral journey through a bizarre and eerily silent world, for a wholly original and exhilarating work of visionary dystopian fiction. ★★★★½”

Self Publishing Review, 2021

Let me know if you pick any of these up and what you think of them. Reviews are gold dust for us authors.

Side note: none of these were written with any AI involvement. I feel very strongly about that.

Final Words

I hope you have a glorious World Book Day filled with stories. Stories that I hope you have the chance to share with your best people.

Watch this space for an update on what I am working on. Until then, keep writing!

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