This Post Kills AI

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By now, most of us would have heard about “advanced” AI writing programs like ChatGPT. These programs can be prompted to create blocks of text that seem (at first glance) to be written by a person. This has led to a recent flood of AI written books coming onto marketplaces such as Amazon and other online POD services. Much like AI art generators, I believe that this poses a great risk to the creative field of writing.

Rise of the Machines

I never thought I would grow up to be a technophobe. Not entirely sure that is what I am, either. But I also didn’t think I would grow up in a world that would embrace all the terrible things science fiction warned us about.

I was born at the wrong time. Modernity is killing my soul.

With the use of this program/abomination anyone can type in a few prompts and produce an academic essay or a novel in the blink of an eye. No deep consideration. No art. No soul. There certainly isn’t a need for discipline and skill honed over many years. In fact, I think eating your own snot is a prerequisite for using this program.


I have not (nor will I ever) use an AI to write any piece of prose. Perhaps this will doom me further to the oblivion of an idealized past, but so be it. There are many writer from all backgrounds who have fought long and hard make their voices known. Now they are to be drowned out by something as soulless as an algorithm.

I will not stand for that.

The rise of AI-written fiction should be regulated by legislation or – at the very least – required to me labelled as such on the back cover. This at least could allow the consumer (for let us not go so far as calling them readers) to choose if they want to waste their time on such a product. I don’t know. I think my anger is clouding my logic.

Be that as it may, I will add a disclaimer to all my published work (past and forthcoming) that reads as follows. Feel free to copy or adapt this if you wish to add it to your work.

Anti-AI Disclaimer

The following work was not produced or “assisted” by an AI writing program of any kind. I will leave such practices to those bereft of integrity or intelligence. I believe that prose and poetry are the product of human experience and emotion and not that of code. What appears on the page is the product of my heart and my mind.

– Marcel M du Plessis

What Do You Think?

Am I being unfair? Is there something I am no seeing? If so, please tell me. This depresses me so. Let’s talk about it in the comments.

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