Silent Symphony – Done

I did a little something. After many years and many edits and rewrites, I finished the final draft of my novel.

Chapters Completed (Writing, Rewriting, Editing)

The Silent Symphony
100% Complete
33 of 33 chapters

Now it’s time to publish it. In fact, I have sent out many preview chapters, summaries, cover letters, query letters, and pleading emails – to no avail. Don’t know if this is down to the quality of my first three chapters or merely a busy industry: after nearly forty shouts into the void, I’ve only received three rejection letters. I guess the rest are a case of “if you don’t hear from us after an irrationally long time, it’s a no“.

But no matter, I will persevere.

If all else fails, I’m thinking of going the self-publishing route. It means more work, yes, but it also means more control. Something which appeals to me.

So, watch this space. There is more to come. You, dear Reader, will have a chance to read The Silent Symphony.

Until then, I’ll keep reviewing things and making things.

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