Flash Fiction Friday Prompt #1

The First Flash Fiction Friday Prompt!

This is the first prompt with Calliope’s Prisoner’s weekly flash fiction Friday.

Each Friday I will post a topic, theme, situation, or some kind of prompt to inspire you to write a short piece of fiction. I’ll also post a word limit (usually under 1,500).

I encourage you to take part and – if you’re brave enough – submit your work to me. I’ll pick three favourites and post them on the site for all the world to see.

I won’t be watching from the sidelines either: I’ll be taking part too. You can use my offering as an example or – indeed – target practice.

Topic: Gardens

You are free to interpret that any way you want. There’s no restriction on genre or anything like that.

Word Limit: 1 000

Naturally you may have fewer words than this, but try not to overshoot it by 100.


Entries are now closed. Good luck to those that entered!

If you missed it, you can enter a new flash fiction contest every Friday. Just navigate to the flash fiction page.

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